It all started when…

Welcome to Tarrytown Texaco. A family-run Service Station for the fine folks of Tarrytown, Enfield, and the West Campus neighborhood in Austin, Texas. 

Service with a smile.

Everything we do at our locations is based off of old-fashioned customer service, and a firm belief that every customer should be viewed as a friend and family member.  

Great Staff.

We are proud to be a family that just-so happens to work together. We are proud to foster an environment where fathers and sons still work together to perform an honest day's work.  

Our most important asset? You.

We feel telling a customer what they don't need is just as important as telling them what they do. Building a relationship and an atmosphere where you know and trust your mechanic is such a simple principle, but seems to have been lost somewhere along the way.  

An honest mechanic is the best business builder.

Every day we fight the stigma that mechanics are "out to get you" and every day we are successful proves that a notion as simple as taking care of your employees and customers can make a business a success. 

We look forward to becoming a neighborhood institution and will continue in Tarrytown Texaco's tradition of sponsoring the local schools and athletic teams, and assisting in everything from 4th of July parades, to helping church members out that are having financial difficulties.

My wife, Mary, and our kids, look forward to being recognized faces in the neighborhood and a friend anyone in the community can call on for help.

                                                                -Ross Newberry, Owner